London, 9 November 2015 – The Association of Financial Professionals in the UK (ACfPU) successfully hosted the launch of ‘The Secret of My Success’ Masterclass Series. The purpose of this programme is designed to provide an opportunity and platform for young Chinese professionals to discuss common issues for those striving for a successful career in the UK.

On the evening, the following topics were discussed:

  • What challenges do women face in finance or professional environment?
  • What cultural barriers do Chinese professionals face and how to react?
  • What key skills did universities not teach you that are essential and important to success?
  • How to turn your knowledge of China into added value?
  • How to build a personal brand?

The launching event had five speakers on the panel from various industries and cultural backgrounds. Panel speakers shared their insights around cultural differences between the English and Chinese, experiences in relation to their professional career development and success. The event also tapped into a popular topic about how women can be successful in a male dominated working environment, which was highly recognised and welcomed by young female professionals.

Members enjoyed the talks and sharings from the five guest speakers:

Wei Li, Head of EMEA iShares, BlackRock, shared her experience and insights around developing a successful career in Finance and how she turned this “issue” into her competitive edge.

David Howells, EMEA Region Head of Martin Global Leaders, presented his take on the cultural differences between the English and Chinese. He shared the Lewis Culture Model framework and showed us some tricks on identifying and reacting to cultural differences. His charming speech and slides caught the attention of the audience and helped them to better understand how to begin breaking through the glass ceiling in Western organisations.

Logan Naidu, CEO of Dartmouth Partners, shared his knowledge from a recruiter’s perspective including latest market trends regarding the finance industry and the benefits or shortfalls of Chinese candidates

David Hu, Macro Hedge Fund Sales at J.P. Morgan, shared his insights on building up his personal brand at work and overcoming culture barriers and difficulties. His enthusiasm and impressive ideas on how to build trust with your managers as well as finding a role model at work had sympathetic response from the audience.

Petru Brediceanu, Senior VP at an US Hedge Fund, talked about how drive and determination helped his career and what people brought up in a Communist country can do to adapt in Western organisations.

The panel speech was followed by Q&A and networking drinks with all the speakers as well as a few of ACfPU ambassadors.